Coprima is a professional team for high-quality, customised coating systems and printing systems.

Coat it bright – Print it right! 

Coating and
printing technology
of the top class!

Better than good! Get to know the leading experts for high-quality coating and printing systems now!

We are your specialists for roll-to-roll coating and customised printing solutions.

Coprima is a team of experienced professionals and is always keen not only to keep up with the latest trends, but also to actively shape and drive them forward. We don’t just deliver, we inspire our customers’ coating and printing processes, because we stand for outstanding results!

Tarik Vardag und das Coprima-Team

Our slogan says it all:
“Coat it bright – Print it right!” 

Our aim is to take your production to a new level. With our customised solutions, we’ll make your competitors wonder and give you a competitive edge!


Our goals
are far
above the

We deliberately refrain from boring you with empty buzzwords such as efficiency or innovation, because our concentrated expertise and the resulting systems far exceed the general.

Whether coating systems, printing machines, cutting units or turret winders – Coprima is THE absolute professional when it comes to coating and printing! We have been working successfully with the well-known and renowned companies Long New and Shine Kon from Taiwan, which have been supplying well-known German machine manufacturers as OEM partners for many years. That’s why we have the “freshest” machines in our repertoire for you – Asia loves them, Europe will celebrate them!

We listen.

Customised solutions that fit like a tailor-made suit.

Your very own needs count.

We are a highly professional and personalised consultant for printing and coating issues! Your productivity will increase and your products will be so good that you will make your customers completely happy!

Not in the mood for normal standards?

We don't have that either!

Above average.

Our team of engineers and technological experts is ready to design the best machines exclusively for you. We deliver exactly what you want - unique and customised!

Laboratory and pilot plants.

The range is enormous.

We have even more in stock.

Are you interested in laboratory and pilot systems? – Challenge us! We will help you to test the best coating and printing technologies and materials for you so that you can optimise your position for your customers.
Power Loader.

the power
of Coprima!

We coat, we print and we want you to achieve and even exceed your goals!

With over 30 years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge, undergo high-tech training, conduct our own research and push our technology to offer the best of the best. The aim is to help you lead the way and raise the quality of the products to the highest possible level!

Unique and individual

We deliver exactly what you want!

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Full Power

High-quality coating and printing systems.

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Freshness guarantee

We design for you according to the latest high-tech trends.

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Thinking ahead

Setting new standards.

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