Coprima has competent professionals in plant construction and mechanical engineering who can provide customised and competent customer advice.

Concentrated advice – for the benefit of our customers!

Customised solutions!

Many years of experience in the industry guarantee maximum expertise in consulting.

Coprima was founded by experts who have led renowned European machine and plant manufacturers in the coating sector for decades.

This unrivalled expertise of extensive experience is incorporated into our partnerships with leading Taiwanese machine builders in printing, coating and laminating as well as technology partners from Germany.

The combination of many years of industry experience and consulting expertise enables Coprima to support customers at the highest level and offer customised solutions that are precisely tailored to their individual requirements.

Long-New-Maschine, IR-Serie

First-class co-operation.

Our strategic cooperation with Long New and Shine Kon, both renowned machine and system manufacturers from Taiwan, offers our customers a unique variety of customised coating, printing and laminating systems.

First-class partnerships.

Long New and Shine Kon from Taiwan.

In addition to complete systems realised entirely according to your ideas, we are also able to offer you individual modules such as calenders, slitting, winding and application systems thanks to our partnerships with Long New and Shine Kon.

It is precisely this diversity that enables machine builders and end customers to choose the solutions that meet their specific requirements. To this end, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art, standardised production systems that have been thought through down to the last detail.

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Both Long New and Shine Kon have been working with Coprima shareholders for over 15 years and are indirectly active on the European market as OEM partners of well-known German mechanical engineering companies. This means that these companies also offer themselves as an extended workbench with extensive industry expertise, high cost efficiency and short delivery times. In addition to classic applications such as flexible packaging or decorative printing, many systems have also been supplied to high-tech sectors such as nano-silver wire (application example: films for foldable mobile phones), fuel cells, solar films, laminating systems under 2N tension, nano-imprint and many more.

Long New has over 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering, has supplied over 2,000 machines and lines to more than 50 countries, offers 3D design and modern line design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, lighter design and standardised working widths of 1,000 mm, 1,300 mm, 1,600 and 1,800 mm for printing and up to 3,000 mm for coating.

Shine Kon has over 40 years of experience in machine and system construction, a more massive system design with working widths of up to 4,000 mm and is less standardised.

Active co-design.

Our team of experts consists of highly qualified specialists who not only follow the latest trends, but also play an active role in shaping them. This enables us not only to advise customers, but also to actively and competently support them in designing forward-looking solutions.

Ideenschmiede Coprima

Pioneering technologies for drying.

Our innovative drying technology with hybrid air and infrared dryer systems enables efficient drying processes and improves product quality.

The integration of hybrid dryers and state-of-the-art sensor technology sets us apart from the competition and leads to considerable energy savings.

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A multi-stage design makes it possible to utilise the energy invested in an extremely efficient manner. The waste heat from the heating module can be controlled so that the exhaust air, which can be up to 100 degrees, is used for circulation processes.

The combination of thermal and radiation drying results in very efficient drying and warm air ensures the removal of volatile substances such as water and solvents. Depending on the specific application, the dryer length can be significantly reduced and energy savings of over 60% compared to purely thermal drying of up to 80% can be achieved.

Besprechung und Beratung

EU conformity and control expertise.

We not only provide CE labelling for all systems in Europe, but also work with partners to ensure that all systems meet the highest quality and safety standards. This gives customers confidence in the conformity of the solutions supplied.

Artificial intelligence.

Industry 4.0 and AI-controlled processes.

Our partners for control technology have a high level of process expertise in the control and visualisation of coating and printing systems in important future-relevant industries.

From the networking of systems (manufacturer-independent), IoT connection of new and old machines, condition monitoring and data science to predictive quality and process optimisation.

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If required, artificial intelligence (AI) can be integrated into the production process. The system consists of three parts: 
A data lake with general mechanical engineering and customer-specific plant data, AI software with a digital image of the plant and the necessary algorithms, a chat interface for communication with the plant similar to ChatGPT.
Laboratory and pilot plants.

Coprima provides the innovation boost.

Our own laboratory and pilot plants enable customers to test new ideas and innovations.

This approach promotes the development of new products and processes and paves the way for continuous improvements. The many years of experience at an innovative market leader with the largest technical centre in the industry flow into the optimal design of such systems.

We look far beyond the horizon for you.
Overall, Coprima is positioning itself as a pioneer in the coating industry, creating outstanding added value for customers through high-quality partnerships, innovative technologies and customised solutions.

We offer an unrivalled competitive advantage and give customers access to cutting-edge solutions from two continents. Rely on Coprima for first-class advice and customised solutions in the coating industry!