Coprima's co-operation partner Shine Kon - a high-tech company for a wide range of equipment in the fields of printing and coating lamination.

The specialist for PVC and PU multifunctional machines!

Shine Kon – Rolling In Good Life!

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World-class high-tech company – thanks to high quality and optimum functionality.

Founded in 1983, Taiwan-based Shine Kon Enterprise Co, LTD. has grown into a major player in the field of PVC and PU processing machinery and a wide range of printing and coating laminating equipment.

With more than three decades of experience and a dedicated team of specialists, Shine Kon has earned an outstanding reputation for quality and functionality in the mechanical industry.


Outstanding expertise – The products from Shine Kon:

Flexible PVC (transparent) Sheet & Film Plant Equipment
Rigid/Semi-rigid PVC Sheet & Film Plant Equipment
Dry/Wet PU & PVC Synthetic Leather Plant Equipment
PVC Leather & Sponge Leather Plant Equipment
Tarpaulin Coating Equipment
Automatic Screen Printing Equipment
DMF Solvent Recovery Equipment
Plant Utilities

Solutions with future potential.

Ready to exceed customer expectations time and time again.

The rapid development of technology is also having a significant impact on the coating and printing industry market. Together with Shine Kon, Coprima is determined to seize this opportunity and achieve its goals in design and realisation in the best possible way.

Coprima’s co-operation with Shine Kon provides access to high-quality PVC calendar machines, PVC film machines and gravure printing machines for a wide range of applications. This committed co-operation is dedicated to the fulfilment of all tasks in the areas of research and development, procurement, manufacturing, assembly and testing.

The variety of single-purpose machines from Shine Kon:

  • 3-Layer laminating machines
  • Laminating and embossing machines
  • Foaming ovens and aftertreatment
  • Knitted and woven cloth binder coating machines
  • Tarpaulin coating machines
  • BOPP coating machines
  • Tape coating machines
  • Paper coating machines
Craftsmanship with high-tech sophistication.

Commitment to outstanding quality and function!


After many years of tireless work, Shine Kon has built a worldwide reputation for quality and functionality based on a commitment to always exceed customer expectations.

Coprima and Shine Kon endeavour to deliver each machine or complete line according to the individual needs of each customer, providing solutions to suit all requirements.

A well-known Asian proverb says that “a craftsman must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work.” – Coprima’s partner Shine Kon is based on a group of experts with over 30 years of experience and proven expertise.

From planning entire factory fit-outs to maximising the productivity of equipment, together with Shine Kon, Coprima consistently demonstrates outstanding capabilities that win and ultimately earn the trust of our customers.

Laminating machines

Rigid/semi-rigid PVC film systems

Automatic central winding machines

Automatic surface winders