Coprima | Frank Schulte, Partner

Interim Manager

Frank Schulte

Vita Frank Schulte.

A firm eye on finances thanks to many years of experience.

Frank Schulte is an accomplished financial expert and interim manager with almost 30 years of experience. As a true professional, he always performs at the highest level in his area of expertise. He always utilises his knowledge for the comprehensive benefit of both Coprima and our clients. The goal is the absolute satisfaction of all parties involved.

After leaving school, he trained as a bank clerk as the best of his year in North Rhine-Westphalia. Studied business administration, specialising in controlling, corporate planning, taxes and accounting. Graduated with a degree in business administration (top of his class).

3 years of practical experience in a medium-sized tax consultancy company, specialising in Complete tax support, payroll accounting, financial accounting and preparation and auditing of annual financial statements for medium-sized companies with a turnover of up to 100 million. Further activities: Embezzlement audits.

Hermann-Hollerith-Str. 15
52249 Eschweiler, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)221 / 94 99 53 60

Examination to become a tax consultant. Self-employed as a tax consultant for almost 30 years:
Focal points: Freelancers, in particular medical professionals (dentists, orthodontists, endocrinologists, laboratory physicians, ENT specialists, orthopaedists, general practitioners, oral surgeons, physios).
Support for internationally operating companies with a turnover of up to approx. 30 million.
Assistance with company acquisitions and sales.
Assistance with private equity investments and research projects for clients.
Assistance with property acquisitions for clients, including cooperation with the bank.
Controlling for clients.
For 5 years active as a mediator in inheritance disputes, separation or departure of shareholders, etc.